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Life has been hitting us pretty hard lately. In order to restore balance some of you suggested we put up a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of doing so. Thank you all for the support and much love to all of you that check out and spread the word of our current chapter of life. 

Our car broke down, our current landlord is no longer wanting to renew our lease before the end of the month and our lease is up. Medical issues, and not knowing if we are able to afford the moving costs to get into a new home next month. 

If you could share, spare, or say a prayer. We would much appreciate it. Our hope is that will good luck fortune will find the better for us in this time of need. 

Thank you for always being a great part of my life as an artist, and I hope this finds you in kind.
My first published work was Herolarge back in 2005 published by the now defunct Speakeasy Comics. The story follows a superhero living in the city of Megalotropolis named Alpha Major. He is one of the most popular heroes in the city, until the day he wasn't. Unfortunately for him , he gets fired from the super team he once commanded with pride. Dejected, he struggles to find his place in the world and succumbs  to living alone and hiding away from the public eye. That all changes when his neighbor ( a boy named Miguel ) reminds him what it means to be a hero. 

Why I need your support! I'd like to rework the book from the beginning. All the art retooled to fit with my standards today, and to cohesively finish up the story arc as I had envisioned it. I would offer the book for free online to those that would want to read it, and possibly collect it down the road into a trade with pitches to publishers. 

Donations from this Patreon will go into the production of this project and to help offset the costs of living as I'm creating this book. More rewards will be given in focus towards this project. Thanks for reading and I can't wait to show you what I have in store!

Hey guys! I'm doing some Christmas sketches, I'm taking $25 sketch requests one character black and white detailed inks. 

Trying to get some money together to rescue this perfect dog from the shelter and give her a forever home! Just trying to raise up the adoption fee ($150), which includes her shots and other medications. If you'd love to help out and get a sketch please let me know! PayPal is and I'll post sketches up here as they come in!

Nothing is off bounds, Just let me know and I hope you can help us get this perfect pup for our family!

- J.

**EDIT** - Keeping track of the fudraiser - Amount needed - $50.00

1- :iconestonius: Mano de Muerte & Dengeki Ryouji
2- BJ - Nightwing, Hellboy, the Crow
Hey guys. This month has been a rough one. On top of normal bills, and outstanding invoices from companies totaling almost $3,000. 

One thing after another is popping up on top of the living bills. You name it, 2 flat tires, glasses falling apart, computer failing. Pouring from a simple rain. 

I had hoped that some checks would have come in, but that's no longer an option. 

Doing sketches for $25 on sketchcard stock and $5 shipping to help get out of the rut. You will see samples in my gallery. All the Disney Princesses are for sale minus Maid Marion. 

Please let me know if I can do some sketching for you.

*Edit* For those that ask, the Paypal info is

Thank you all!

- J.
Catching up on rent, so I'm doing ustream commissions live on my artcast. Stop by if you are interested. Nothing out of bounds!

Hey guys! My latest sketchbook is up for preorder. It's at the printer now and will be available at Dragon*Con Labor Day Weekend!

Info on the sketchbook is - 

- 28 pages
- Standard Comic Book Size 
- Original sketch on request on the book. 
- Super awesome and you should pick it up!

Here is a link to an image and more info on how you can get one!

Looking for inkers and colorists to jam with. Anyone up to collaborations? Let me know!
Hey guys I'll be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte June 7th-9th. I'll have prints, original art, and at the moment I'm taking pre con commissions to be picked up at the show. If you are attending and want a piece by me, contact to get it all set up.

Hope to see some of you out there, so please stop by my table and say hi!
This weekend enter coupon code "BLACK" at checkout in the store to recieve 25% your order. Limited edition prints from as low as $7.50, and other original art. Check it out and pick something up if you please!
Too many times have I missed a Wed. due to deadline or family stuff, so I feel like I should just retire the old girl and let the show come to an end. It was a great ride and tonight she will go out swinging. I'm holding my final 10 for $10 sketch cast tonight on uStream.

For those that want a $10 piece of watercolored art follow this… and get a spot on the list for tonight's show at 8PM EST at…

Hope to see a lot of you there, and hope this is your chance to pick up some neat art on the cheap!

- J.
Too many times I've put my household in jeopardy because I'm waiting on checks to come for minimal amounts to pay rent with. I need to REALLY start thinking about finding jobs that pay me sooner than 60 after completion of work. My wife started a new job after a week off work, so she's been moneyless for 3 weeks and Fri is her payday. I'm done fighting to live in our home because pay is inconsistent, and this month did it for me.

Anyone have paying illustration work that is decent let me know I'm all in to make an honest, no RESPECTABLE pay for what I do.

That all being said I'm unloading most, if not all of my art on my store for purchase. I will be doing this in waves of 20 items. It's either sell to live in our home or throw it out because it'll be no use to me. If you are interested keep your eyes peeled for the deals at for the goodies on the cheaps.

Thanks for peeking guys and I hope you can find something you are interested in picking up!

The link above is to his journal post but I thought I'd toss it up as well pasted in mine. He helped my family out when and donated some cash for commissions when we were in a similar situation, so Please if you can help him out I'd love to pay his generosity forward. If you can't help out monetarily please just pass the word or paste in your journal too.  Thanks guys!

"So an update on my current situation. A few weeks back, I was told that I needed to be moved out of my apartment by the end of the week. I started a drive to try and get commissions so that I can earn money for a security deposit toward a new place. And with great disappointment, I have not been able to reach my goal. So far only two people have commissioned me...

So I had to go to my landlord and practically beg them to allow me til the end of April to find a new place, and earn the money I need to move out. I think they were in a nice mood, because they gave me the extension. But I MUST be out by the end of April, or else I'm one homeless S.O.B. That means crashing at someone else's home and inconviencing them until I get a home. NOT okay! So now I am to the point of imploring you all to please support me to help me reach my goal. Right now, I only have $100 toward my $2500 goal. To reach the goal, I am taking a total of 250 commission slots. These are all going to be only $10 for ink/pencil bust or $15 for color bust commissions. You can order as many slots as you want to. I'm doing these simple commissions, so that I can bust them out and send them quickly.

Send all payments to my PayPal address: YOU MUST include in the note section the name of the character you want drawn. References should be sent here w/ links to the webpage if they are OC's or unfamiliar characters. I will draw OC's, Superheroes, and the like. Only NO ANIMALS. Remember these are bust commission sketches! If you are sending a donation, then please state that in the note, or else the money will be SENT BACK! Here are some samples of what I can do!

*see link above for his samples as I don't know how to thumbnail in journals yet. :(*

The slots will be updated as made available, so that you can monitor progress as it goes along!

Slots Open: 242/250

1.) :iconraccoon-eyes: - 7 slots (1 of 7 completed)

2.) :iconpyrotwilight: - 1 slot (completed)
Check out my site for all the art I did for Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol. All the pages are for sale from $50 +…

Thanks for checking it out in advance!

- J.
Huge sale at my store! Getting rid of all art to make room for original creations. Help give a good home to the art. There are some still some 25 days of DC sketches available, also some Star Wars art. $10-$15 a piece. Also marked the Adam Baldwin piece down 25%.
Hey guys I thought I'd toss up a note letting you all know there is a hang out for fans of Crisishour artwork and properties. It's call the Catacombs. You can find it at

Hope to see you all there!
STAR WARS!  Please toss me your ideas on characters you'd love to see me tackle. Gonna fill up my list fast on this one I'm sure. As with the DC ones. the pieces will be available in my store for $25 a piece.

- J.
Hey guys! I'm in need of your help! Spread the word that I have tons of art for sale from Sketch Cards. Comic Pages, Daily Sketches, Prints. Comics, Commissions, etc. I've fallen behind on rent and bills and would love to have it paid soon so I don't get evicted. More info at my site on all the art that is available! Thanks everyone!…

- J
This is the idea for December. All DC Comics characters! One per day for twenty five days. When the image is posted here at the blog of the character I will be selling it off at the store. First one to snag it gets it. I will let you know that the first one is Superman. Let's get some of your favorite characters in the list by rattling off your suggestions in the comments of this post at the link below!

These are signed and number through 25. So lets start rocking this out!…
Hey guys I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving for those that celebrate. For those that don't, well I hope you had a great extended weekend as well.

Just thought I'd toss in a note saying I'm sorry I didn't get my Thursday post in last week it was kinda holiday hectic. Also In about an hour I'm jumping on stream to do some live art. 8pm EST on uStream.…

- J.
Hey guys and gals!

Just wanted to toss up a note letting you all know I've uploaded a video to my YouTube channel showing the color process to the deviation "Robin Family Tree". I have added some commentary to the video to explain a lot of what I'm doing on the art. So if you are looking to follow how I color, and I know a few of you have asked specifically on this piece. The link is at the bottom! Thanks for all the feedback on this piece, really inspires me to do more DC work as well. :)

YouTube link to Robin Family Tree color process -…